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About our Orchard and Farm

Parc Ferme

We are dedicated to persevering a small Pennsylvania farm and growing farm fresh fruits and vegetables that nourish the body and soul. Join us on our journey in the restoration of a farm cottage, barn, stables and fields of orchard grass and apple trees.

What We Do

Farm and Orchard

Our orchard grows 10 different types of apple trees that will be harvested between July and November of each

Stables and Barnyard

We are currently renovating a small dairy barn with four horse stalls and making repairs to our fields and paddocks.

Barn and Cottage Restoration

We have a large Sweitzer style barn on our farm that was built be in the early 1800s. We know the approximat

Conservation and Land Management

We have increased the habitat for pollinators and birds on our farm by installing a wildflower meadow.  

Life Off the

When we are not on the farm, we can often be found at our home away from home, ‘Parc Ferme South.’

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Life on the Farm

The Mighty 1025R John Deere

The Mighty 1025R John Deere April 2, 2024 Nothing runs like a Deere! Last month we purchased a new tractor...

Wildflowers, Bees and Trees

Apple trees require pollination. We will need to attract bees to sustain our orchard and as such have planted a...

Parc Ferme Apple Selection

We have been diligently working with the Penn State Extension team on our Apple Marketability as it is known in...


Stephanie Frilling

Stephanie Frilling, farmer, applying innovative farming techniques and sustainable land management to balance economic, social, and environmental considerations in the restoration of a 200-year-old farm.


The Orchard @ Parc Ferme

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Farm Conservation

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